Main Stage

The Barrow-Civic Theatre main auditorium seats 497 people, all with unobstructed views of the main stage and performance space.  With a sprung floor, full-width proscenium, and four in-floor traps, the stage can accommodate a wide variety of productions. 23 line-sets support three electrics for stage lighting, as well as drops and other equipment. Two fly galleries line the wings, allowing access to two tech and performance balconies.

Backstage, four dressing rooms, three bathrooms with showers, a green room, and load-in space, and a full orchestra pit provide the necessary essentials to support any production on the stage.

The theatre has seating for patrons with special needs and can accommodate wheelchairs along with the rest of your party. Hearing assist units for hearing impaired individuals can be obtained at the concession stand. Properly licensed assistance animals are also accommodated by the theatre.

For non-musical productions, panels cover the Orchestra Pit and extend the stage to within inches of the first row of the theatre.

Seating Chart


Stage Specs

Proscenium Width-31 feet
Proscenium Height-21 feet
Stage Depth-29 feet 6″ (act curtain to back wall)
Stage Depth-35 feet 2″ (apron to back wall)
Stage House Width-59 feet
Stage House Height-Varies (40 feet at orchestra rail [row A] to 16 foot at Lighting Booth [row X])
Fly location is on second level/stage right
Total number of line sets is 23-counterweight
Length of batten pipes-40 feet
Maximum batten height-25 feet
Dressing Rooms (4):
– Two “lead” dressing rooms off stage with shared bathroom
– One “ensemble” dressing room upstairs with two full bathrooms.
– One “ensemble” dressing room downstairs.