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Celebration of Talent

February 8 at 7:30pm - 10:00pm
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Who will walk away with First Place title and $500 cash? You decide!

The Barrow-Civic Theatre and Franklin Rotary Club present Celebration of Talent, a variety talent competition featuring local musicians, dancers, and more!

Twelve contestants will perform in the first round. Through audience vote, five will move on to the final round. The winners will be determined by a final audience vote and announced at the end of the show.

Tickets $15


Ian Best
Ian is a 21 year-old singer from Seneca, who has been performing since his freshman year of high school, and has also participated in 16 Barrow productions. He is very excited to be performing at the Celebration of Talent for the third time!

Kaylene Dunkle
Kaylene Dunkle has been sharing her vast repertoire of vocal talent since the young age of 8 years old. Now 16, her compassionate soul is often strongly felt within her listener’s hearts.

Nate Baker
I am Nathaniel Baker, 16 years old of Oil City, Pennsylvania. Music has been my passion since I was born! I have been studying piano for nearly 12 years now; that has been since I could even climb up onto the bench of the piano. I compose my own music and also make covers of other performing artists. Other instruments I take on the side are: brass, low brass, woodwind, string, and of course percussion. Music is a passion that can only live in the heart, so let it beat on forever!

Belle Hughes
Belle Hughes is a junior at Grove City Area High School. Besides being involved in many school activities, she dances at Crossroads Dance Academy in Slippery Rock. Belle has won numerous awards for her dancing, including Miss Showbiz and Miss PrimeTime, and is excited to share a little of her heart and passion through her dance with you tonight.

April Hayes
My name is April V. Hayes.  I am a second year student at Clarion University and will be obtaining my Bachelors in Rehabilitative Science in two more years.  I grew up forty-five minutes south of Indianapolis, I.N. and, at 18, went to Yellowstone National Park for the summer, before relocating here to P.A.  My favorite movies of all time are the Labyrinth, Hocus Pocus and Forest Gump.  I love to travel and one day I want to make my way to Budapest for what I think would be an amazing adventure.

Will Ion
My name is Will Ion. I am 10 years old and attend Valley Grove Elementary. I love to play my guitar and sing.

Keller Harry
Your typical teenager, Keller Harry of Franklin was looking for a way to get out of chores when he signed up for this talent show. He hopes he wins, since after tonight he will no longer have the excuse that he’s practicing his routine and will need the money to pay someone to clean his room. His routine is original stand up, so he prefers a comedic introduction. He is a student at Rocky Grove High School.

Aoife Salusky
Aoife Salusky is a 7th grader from Clarion Area High School who loves participating in the FCOA Youth Theatre program and the HOLeY JEANS choir. She enjoys singing and playing her guitar at open mic nights and community events.

Tim Craver
A small town country singer just chasin’ that neon rainbow. For fans of Garth, Strait, Jackson and McGraw, his voice is right at home.

Nathaniel Lerch
Nathaniel Lerch is a Senior at Clarion Area High School and participates in cross country, band, Student Council, National Honors Society, and track. He plans to pursue a degree at Pepperdine University, majoring in chemistry on a pre-veterinary track.

Noah Rodgers
Noah started his singing career at Rocky Grove Junior Senior High School’s talent show program. Noah would like to thank his family, friends and musical teachers to help push him to do his best in events like tonight’s competition and forward. Break a leg, everyone!

Ashlynne Cornmesser
Ashlynne Cornmesser is a fresh adult looking to “make it medium” in the world of theater and music. She loves The Barrow-Civic Theatre and is ecstatic to be performing here once again!

Date: February 8
Time: 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Cost: $15