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Members of the Barrow-Civic Theatre provide vital support for our ongoing events and programs. In exchange, we offer a variety of unique benefits!

To join call us at (814) 437-3440.


Thank You to our 2019 Members

We couldn't do this without you


Starring Members

Gladys Ruminski
Ida Cardamone
John Andrew & Karla Bell
Mary E. Brooks
Paul & Ellen Flickner
Prescott & Dorothy Greene
Tom & Becky Miller

Supporting Members 

Barbara Taylor Frohne
David & Julie McCandless
Eric & Christine Fackler
Floyd & Suzanne O'Neil
Jim & Lynda Williams
Jim & Maribeth Masquelier
Karen Hoover
Phil & Patricia Anderson
Robert & Rebecca Witherup
Scott & Mary Beth Hutchinson
Thomas & Bonnie Nightingale
Tyler & Kim Best
Barbara Behringer
Courtney Cox
Carmella Dunkerley
Mary Emeigh
Lois Follstaedt
Edwin Frye
Joseph Liota III
Georgeanne Meany
Barbara Taylor Frohne
Dr. William & Joyce Fee
Susan Williams

Ensemble Members

Ann & Roger McCauley
April McKnight
Barbara Riley
Beverly Elliott
Beverly Lehman
Bill & Lori Sines
Charlotte LaVerde
Colleen & Pat Scurry
Connie Baughman
Cynthia G. Smith
Dennis & Donna Reinsel
Duane & Beth Ruland
Ed & Judy Krizon
Edmond & Gloria Bottegal
Evelyn Ostergard
George & Bonnie Jolley
Helen Cummings
H. William & Mary Jo White
J.R. & D. Hufnagel
Jake & Nancy Lindsey
Jane Hoover
Jane Terlion
Jodi Hines
Larry & Shirley Beightol
Linda Antonucci
Marjorie Kay
Michael & Suzanne Padalino
Ohio River Salvage, Inc.
Pamela Bottomley
Patricia Dolecki
Patricia O'Polka
Paul & Sally McKissick
Ralph & Eileen Montgomery
Rhonda Rust
Richard & Vicki Clark
Rita Gorman-Judy
Robert & Nancy Muse
Robert & Jan Hines
Rose M. Nesbitt
Sharon A. Kukla
S.L.I.M. Brothers
Steve & Debbie Lerch
Steve & Patricia Thomas
Sue Suplee

Friends of the Barrow

Mike & Linda Morrison